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Žemės ūkio produktai

Private joint stock company Altecha was
found in 2007.  The specialty of our company: designing of agricultural objects, installation of grain towers, assembly of metal structures, construction, reconstruction, installation (automation) and exploitation of livestock waste technological disposal lines,
designing, installation and construction of plant warehouse, construction and reconstruction of livestock and poultry farms.

Žemės ūkio produktai

Currently, the most efficient way to
utilise the biodegradable waste of animal and vegetative origin in an economic and practical way is the bio - gas plants.

ALTECHA PJSC installs and exploits
liquid manure tanks and reservoirs. We have a great experience in the field of grain towers, conveyors, cleaners, and dryers.

Žemės ūkio produktai

 The company is actively involved in the
implementation of innovations in the Lithuanian agriculture.

We will find for each client the most appropriate and the most advanced
solution, which we will be the turnkey solution.

Altecha, stipriausi Lietuvoje