Our works

Reinforced concrete sewage collection tanks

Reinforced concrete sewage collection tanks are installed in those places, where the level of the ground water is high, and the ground reservoirs of liquid manure (sewage) cannot be installed, or there is not enough space for the installation of reservoirs. Maximum volume up to 4250 m3.

Sewage collection reservoirs

The sewage collection reservoirs (ground tanks) are covered with the HDPE geomembrane. The membrane is welded by using the Leister equipment, two 11mm thick seams are created. Before laying the first layer of HDPE geomembrane, a geotextile is laid to protect the geomembrane against from piercing and soil stabilization. If there is a need, we install covered reservoirs as well.
The floating cover is made of HDPE geomembrane. Geomembrane is provided with a 5 year warranty. We work all over Lithuania.

Grain towers installation

GInstallation of grain towers - we install grain towers of all sizes and types, as well as all appurtenances. We install the foundations of grain towers, carry out all electrotechnical works. We also design technical projects for grain towers. We offer to our clients gran towers made in Germany that we install. In the case of larger objects, when the installation of grain towers and all adjustment works are carried out, as well as
when the grain transportation equipment is started, experienced engineer from Germany is attending.

We reconstruct and construct agricultural machinery garages, warehouses, and farms. We provide a turnkey solution for all of our works, if the client wishes so.