Agricultural services

Designing - we carry out all the design works for agricultural objects, both for special and ordinary buildings.

We design agricultural buildings of all types - grain towers, hangars, agricultural machinery garages, farms, liquid manure reservoirs (ground manure tanks), liquid manure (sewage) reservoirs, bio-gas plants. We have a team of experienced designers who design metal, reinforced concrete, and glued wood structures. We do both technical projects, as well as working drawings. The purpose of our designing is to find the best value for money, therefore a well-designed technical project and working drawings allow the customer to save time and financial resources when constructing the building. We also design the lighting of agricultural buildings by adapting LED technology. Larger initial investment, compared to standard methods of lighting, pays off very quickly if the lighting is switched on for 8 hours per day or more.
We carry out designing works all over Lithuania.

Obtaining of construction permit - we take care of all necessary documentation, coordinate all questions with the responsible authorities, and obtain a construction permit.

If a technical project has been ordered at our company, we will carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain a construction permit (if required). The customer only needs to take care of the terms of reference, i.e. specify your preferences regarding the size of the building, the layout of the premises, etc., and we will take care of the rest of the work.

Submission of complete objects - we help collecting all necessary signatures and coordinate the questions with the responsible authorities.

After the completion of the actual construction, all completed objects must be submitted for the evaluation to a standing construction commission. For our clients we perform all necessary works, related to the valuation of the completed objects, i.e. filling out of construction work logs,
preparation of documents and uploading to the IS "Infostatyba", as well as participation during the inspection of the object together with the members of the commission. The client only needs to bring documents to the Center of Registers and to register the buildings.

Construction and reconstruction works - we build, reconstruct and repair agricultural objects of various types - farms, liquid manure tanks, liquid manure reservoirs, grain towers, grain dryers, workshops, warehouses, garages, and other objects.

The main pecialty of ALTECHA PJSC is the following agricultural buildings:
Liquid manure (sewage) reservoirs - also known as ground manure tanks. The reservoirs are covered with the HDPE geomembrane, after the base is covered with the geotextile
to protect the lower layer of the geomembrane from damage.
HDPE geomembrane - a high-density polyethylene film that is resistant to various chemicals, it is completely impermeable and perfectly isolates the soil from liquid form (or liquid) substances stored in the reservoir. The HDPE geomembrane is welded with a special device that makes a double seam, ensuring complete tightness. Based on the needs of the customer, a covered reservoir of liquid manure can be installed as well, by installing a floating cover of the same HDPE geomembrane.
With a proper exploitation of reservoirs we provide geomembrane film with a 5-year warranty. Currently, the total capacity of reservoirs that we installed in Lithuania is more than